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Hunter New England Health (HNE Health) needed to bring their communications server up-to-date – imei provided specialised design and technology expertise to improve both reliability and service, while saving operating costs to be deployed elsewhere.

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Healthcare organisation, HNE Health, was using a communications server maintained by a large telco. However, high maintenance costs and slow support response times led the organisation to look for a local alternative.

HNE Health began to look for a more knowledgeable and cost-effective service provider than one of the large telcos. Not only did they need someone to upgrade their communications system, but also design it so it could support their needs into the future.


Instead of replacing the entire telecommunications infrastructure, imei found portions of it that could be upgraded for a fraction of the cost. In addition to adding new functionality to its existing technology environment.

imei helped design a Mitel multimedia communications server that provided extra communication capability to various HNE Health sites.

The Mitel solution was selected for its complete integration of multimedia, unified communications, and mobility in a single common infrastructure. Shared operation and management tools for both voice and data applications also means the communications server is easier to manage and monitor.


imei' design and technical expertise meant that HNE Health was able to reduce their capital purchase price by approximately 30%. These savings were then used to fund additional information technology that bolstered the communications infrastructure.

In addition to cost savings from the modern setup, medical staff had access to a robust communications setup for their day-to-day tasks.

About HNE Health

Hunter New England Health (HNE Health) provides a range of public health services to the Hunter, New England and Lower Mid North Coast regions.

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