imei Secure

Enterprise mobile threat detection and management that helps secure your confidential data and protect user privacy.

Reduce Data Breach Risk and Improve User Security

Manage the identity of the mobile technology accessing your network and implement strong technologies and automated processes to reduce information loss and reputation risk.

Secure - MTD
Secure - MTD

Mobile Threat Detection (MTD)

Mobile Threat Detection provides companies with the ability to not only detect and analyse threats but to take swift action against them and restore compromised devices to a compliant state. This includes the detection and remediation, of malware, viruses, worms, bots, phishing, and a variety of other cyber threats. 

Secure - MTM
Secure - MTM

Mobile Threat Management (MTM)

Mobile Threat Management provides companies with the ability to improve their enterprise security over and above the security offered by MDM platforms and EMM capability. It further enhances the capabilities of MTD technologies, with proven processes to design, build, maintain, manage, support and report on cyber-security within your business.
Secure - Mobile Information Security
Secure - Mobile Information Security

Mobile Information Security

Mobile information Security provides companies with the capability to ensure the right data, is accessed by the right people, when and where it is required to meet business outcomes.
Automated alert and remediation
Secure - Automated alert and remediation

Automated Alert and Remediation

Automated alert and remediation capability is provided by a fully integrated MDM/MTD solution to return compromised devices to a compliant state and ensure authorised users have access to the company resources they need, when they need it.
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Secure - MDM

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the minimum requirement to mitigate the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands and to satisfy Notifiable Data Breech (NDB) requirements. It does this by preventing unauthorised access to corporate data, helps ensure that mobile devices are compliant with corporate mobile policies and provides capability to remotely lock and wipe a compromised device.
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The imei Secure Solution

The imei solution is powered by top tier Mobile Threat Detection capabilities that in conjunction with MDM/EMM integration, automated remediation and support from our contact centre, offers our clients a journey to realise piece of mind with robust, secure and trusted devices.

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