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Staying in Contact Across the Group

As the Dulux Group added sites and staff, imei provided expertise to overcome the challenges of maintaining reliable contact and common communications systems.

Company Sites: 60+
End Users: 1,001-5,000


The Dulux Group acquired a third-party company, Lincoln Sentry, that used a standalone telecommunications system. This system was not only incompatible with the Dulux Group's telecommunications setup, it was also a niche solution that had to be operated in custom manner.

Lack of compatibility between the sites made it difficult for the Dulux Group staff to use the telecommunications of a Lincoln Sentry site when visiting, and vice versa. No connectivity between sites meant calling a different location required a full number to be dialled to bypass the ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network) circuit-switched telephone network system.

Sites were also being overseen by different vendors with different agreements, which made product and service agreements complicated to manage.


The Dulux Group decided to leverage the existing Alcatel Lucent communication server hosted in the Dulux Group's datacentre across all its sites. The communications server uses a highly scalable platform that provides multimedia call processing for the Alcatel-Lucent phones used by the Dulux Group and third-party clients/phones.

This setup also allows the Dulux Group to make use of a data-carrying service for high-performance telecommunications networks. As a result, calls can be made between sites without needing to dial the full number to bypass the ISDN.


The deployment leveraged the existing investments made to the core communications server, which extended the same Dulux Group solution to Lincoln Sentry. All of Dulux Group’s sites are not only interconnected nationwide, but also with offices in New Zealand.

In addition to simplifying the dialling of numbers between the Dulux Group and Lincoln Sentry sites, call costs were reduced by enabling local connections across the network.

About Dulux

The Dulux Group is the market leader in premium paints in Australasia and a top 50 Australian based global organisation. The company employs over 1900 people across Australia and New Zealand with a wide range of qualifications and experience in areas including Sales, Marketing, Science, Manufacturing, Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Engineering.

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