imei Network

Efficiently designed and deployed WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi networks for single and multiple work and remote locations to keep your offices connected and your systems up and running.

High-performance Networks Keep Your People Productive

Slow networks and inconsistent connections to Wi-Fi are two of the biggest culprits for lost productivity when your people cannot get to the systems or information they need to work on. imei network engineers analyse usage, design efficient architectures and deploy reliable networks to reduce lost time and user frustration.

Network_Robust LAN and WiFi
Network_Robust LAN and WiFi

Robust LAN and

Reliable wired and wireless networking ensures your employees have access to the data they need whether they are working at their desk or on the move.

Network_Proactive Monitoring 2
Network_Proactive Monitoring 2

Proactive Monitoring

24/7 monitoring provides full visibility into your networking environment, so any faults or issues can be responded to proactively.

Network_Managed Security
Network_Managed Security

Managed Security

In addition to a high level of protection, network traffic is observed for suspicious activity to stop malicious attacks from happening.


Take Control of Your Network

Standardise your network and services so you know what each user needs, understand network traffic patterns and be able to deploy business applications that can be reliably run and managed.

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