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About imei

Who we are

imei is an Australian communications technology company providing Managed Mobility Services and Unified Communications Solutions nationally.

Since its formation in 2000 imei has been focused on communication technologies that improve productivity and connectivity for organisations – over time imei’s business and service offerings have evolved to meet the unique demands of dynamic and converging enterprise mobility and unified communications markets.

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Whole-of-Business Converged Communications Solutions

imei’s mobility management and technology integration experience combines with an end-user-focus to form a single provider of communications solutions.

Our solutions range from mobile fleet management to cloud-delivered unified communications involving processes, services, hardware and software through to high performance networks, carriage and connectivity, and beyond onto helpdesk, support and training.


Comprehensive and Best-in-Class Technologies

imei is a member of GEMA - the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance - which allows us to provide mobile management services in over 120 countries; we partner with Telstra – Australia’s world-class tier 1 telecommunications company, and with leading global technology vendors Apple, HP, Mitel and Alcatel-Lucent for no-compromise reliability and performance.


Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

imei has made customer service a central element to everything that it does. We measure our customer satisfaction performance, ask for regular feedback and follow up our customer experiences. Our approach of driving operational excellence and having an up-to-date, robust product roadmap has helped imei to become a leading managed mobility and unified communications service provider to enterprise, becoming a trusted adviser and growing market share with key multinational corporations every year.


Quality Management System Standards


imei is ISO 9001 Certified - the international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”). The standard is used to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

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How we work

1. Understanding Requirements

imei's experience, expertise and tools help understand the performance state of an organisation's ICT infrastructure: its communications systems, network performance, capacity and utilisation, and the organisation's readiness for future expansion and/or deploying new technologies

How we do it
  • Staying up to date
  • Market research
  • Always learning
  • Continually training
  • Having the right tools
2. Designing Architecture

The performance of any ICT infrastructure depends on how it has efficiently been designed. imei has the technical skills and network design expertise to optimise architecture for the organisation's needs, leveraging existing assets and investments, and extending it with new technologies.

How we do it
  • Understanding needs
  • Specialised skills
  • Using the right tools
  • Best known methods
  • Data driven
3. Deploying Technology

Designing the right infrastructure requires precise implementation; engaging with business stakeholders, understanding how each group operates, identifying unique operational needs, focusing on the outcomes and continuous communications, and many others. We understand that the success of any communications solution lies with the acceptance and overall satisfaction of the end user.

How we do it
  • Strong project management methodology
  • Outcomes focused
  • Continuous communications
  • Enabling the user
  • Measuring Success
4. Managing Mobile Fleets and Communication Technologies

With over 20 years’ experience in managing mobile fleets for enterprise customers, we have developed a lifecycle approach to mobility management.  Imei’s mobility management suite is a proprietary architecture of processes, systems, software tools and customer service protocols that can cover mobile devices from acquisition through staging, deployment, management, security, support and end-of-life/redeployment.

How we do it
  • Proprietary Systems and Experience
5. Reducing Risk and Cost

We help safeguard personal and organisation information in an increasingly mobile and data-breach-prone world.  Partnering with state-of-the-art mobile security technology vendors, we can provide information about the users and uses of your mobile device fleet, help manage and control unauthorised access to company information. We can also provide security tools and audit trails on data access to help prevent breaches, hacking and theft.

How we do it
  • Partnering with top-tier mobile security vendors
  • Experience and up-to-date training of our mobile technologies engineers
6. Supporting Customers

imei’ philosophy is about superior customer service as part of our lifecycle approach. We continually measure our customers’ satisfaction levels and drive our efforts to improve. We work in partnership with the business to achieve common goals.

How we do it
  • Working together
  • Responsive management
  • Proactive support
  • Continuous improvement
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Our Mission: To become a trusted adviser and the ‘provider of choice’ for dependable, scalable converged communications solutions for enterprise.

Our Capabilities

Competencies_Mobile Management
Competencies_Mobile Management

Mobile Management

Technical competencies in mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and legacy OS; mobile device management platforms such as Airwatch, Mobile Iron, Citrix and others.

Competencies - Mobile Security
Competencies - Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Expertise in mobile security policy design, compliance and management – including user access, Active Directory integration, Mobile Threat Management (MTM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms.

Competencies - Unified Communications Technologies
Competencies - Unified Communications Technologies

Unified Communications Technologies

Design, build, deployment, monitoring and servicing of communications systems - from on-premise comms server through to cloud-based ‘as-a-service’ communications.

Competencies_Responsive Customer Support
Competencies_Responsive Customer Support

Responsive Customer Support

120,000 devices under management; 70,000+ Service Desk cases p.a; 62,000+ Service Desk inbound calls; Sydney-based contact centre; 72% of calls answered in less than 5 secs.

Competencies - Network Design
Competencies - Network Design

Network Design

Modern unified communications rely on fast, reliable networks. imei provides secure high-performance WAN, LAN, and Wi-Fi networks.

Competencies - Connectivity Management
Competencies - Connectivity Management

Connectivity Management

Robust, cost-effective and secure mobile, voice and data services and commercial management that are agile allowing your business to operate at its peak.

Competencies - Contact Centre Experts
Competencies - Contact Centre Experts

Contact Centre Experts

Contact centre design and technology, including workflow, call recording, call-jacking, multi-channel communications management and comprehensive reporting tailored to your organisation needs.

 Download the imei brochure here

Our Accreditations


Telstra Platinum Partner 

imei is recognised with the highest accreditation level offered by Australia’s largest carrier.


Telstra Global Partner

imei is recognised as Telstra Global Partner allowing us to deliver and simplify enterprise mobility management for customers with international mobile fleets.


Australian Cyber Security Essential Eight

Telstra's highest Level (3) grading of partner endorsement for data security and privacy processes as assessed by CyberGRX, a global third-party cyber-risk management platform. 


Platinum Training Accreditation

imei holds Platinum status in Telstra's Partner Accreditation Training program for all domains:

  • Data
  • Mobility
  • UCC
  • Security
  • Project Professional Services
Android Enterprise_Silver Partner

Android Enterprise Silver Partner

Enables imei to deliver more robust Android Device Management solutions. 


Cradlepoint Authorized Partner

Allowing imei to support mobile or wireless edge network solutions.

imei's engineers and sales delivery also hold certifications across their suite of training accreditations.

cradlepoint certifications_stacked





An International set of Quality Management System (QMS) standards that demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

mitel_good partner 2

Mitel Gold Partner


Mitel recognises imei as a Gold Partner.

blog image_nbn accredited

Business nbn™ Accredited Adviser

Accredited adviser to help ensure your migration to nbn™ network is as seamless as possible.

nsw govt ict services scheme

NSW Govt ICT Services Scheme

Allowing imei to deliver ICT projects to New South Wales LGAs and State Government departments.


Prince2 Certified


Ensures projects are managed and handled in a structured manner. Focusing on delivery, testing and sign off of deliverables at key intervals within your project.

vic gov eservices register

VIC Govt 'eServices Register'

Allowing imei to deliver ICT projects to Victorian LGAs and State Government departments.


Workspace ONE


imei is certified and recognised to deliver Workspace ONE.

Meet the team

About-Us-Headshots_Tim Fussell
Tim Fussell

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Fussell is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of imei.

Tim founded the company in November 2000 and is the driver of imei’s vision, purpose and strategic direction.

Tim is very active in promoting imei’s thought leadership among key clients, partners, enterprise mobile associations and industry groups, and has the lead role in managing relations with imei’s largest business partner – Telstra, and imei’s membership of GEMA – the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance.

Prior to establishing imei, Tim developed his passion for the mobility industry in a variety of roles including management positions in the mobility divisions of Tech Pacific Australia and Hutchison Telecoms. 

About-Us-Headshots_Kieran Kirkpatrick
Kieran Kirkpatrick

General Manager - Delivery

Kieran is the General Manager – Delivery for imei and responsible Client Success, Professional Services, Technical Services, Finance, HR and Tech & Systems.

Kieran joined imei in March 2005 and quickly moved through various customer-facing and technical roles including Mobile and Wireless Data Specialist, Head of IT & Systems and Operations Manager. Kieran became a member of the imei Executive Team in 2007 and took ownership of customer service, purchasing and logistics, project management and technical services areas of the business.

Kieran holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Technology, Sydney.

About-Us-Headshots_Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones

Executive Director of Unified Comms

Gavin heads the imei Unified Communications business, previously having founded and grown BTAS Pty Ltd a leading integrator of communications systems, infrastructure and connectivity.

Gavin has been operating in the Australian ICT industry for more than 30 years. His experience, knowledge and passion for telecommunications led him to found BTAS in 1993 to provide Intelligent Communications to mid-size organisations. His previous roles have covered all facets of business from sales and marketing to operations and financial management, experience which Gavin now brings to imei and our customers and partners.

About-Us-Headshots_Simon Hecquet
Simon Hecquet

Sales Director

Simon leads the Sales Teams at imei to grow our business within new and existing customers, through a range of intelligent connectivity solutions and support.

Simon started with imei in 2014 as an Account Director growing some of our largest customers and building a track record of success in acquiring new customers. During this time he has built successful partnerships and growth with our customers and channel partners alike.

Simon brings a strong understanding of complex enterprise customers, and the ICT market with two decades of experience both within Australia and the UK.

About-Us-Headshots_Vivien Goh_new
Vivien Goh

Head of Finance

With over 25 years experience in the finance/accounting profession, Vivien has extensive knowledge in statutory, financial and management reporting, with a key focus on budgeting and forecasting. Her main responsibilities involve management and statutory reporting, corporate tax filing, and general overall supervision on all accounting and financial matters.

About-Us-Headshots_Emanuela Wasinski
Emanuela Wasinski

Head of Talent & Executive Services

Emanuela is responsible for attracting and recruiting talent, as well as induction and training with particular focus on imei’s core values and operating principles.

In her role as QC manger Emanuela monitors performance to KPIs and SLAs and ensures imei’s world class NPS score is maintained. Emanuela is also responsible for the presentation of imei’s headquarters and service centre facility.

Emanuela joined imei in 2011 holding positions including Customer Service & Contact Centre Manager, Head of Professional Services & Project Management and Operations Manager responsible for Service Centre and Logistics, Professional Services, Technical Support and Contact Centre.

Emanuela was appointed to the imei executive team in December 2015.


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