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imei Mobile Device Management

Complete end-to-end mobile device managment, including provisioning, staging, helpdesk, support, management and decommissioning to keep your people connected.

Reduce the cost and headache of managing your mobile device fleet management

Mobile Device Management of a few mobile device endpoints is relatively easy, managing hundreds devices can be complex, time-consuming, costly and inefficient. imei's experience in managing large mobile endpoint fleets – phones, tablets and mobile devices – takes the complexity away and frees up time and resources to work on other priorities.  Over the years we have developed proprietary systems, processes and training to support end-users and IT departments manage device fleet costs and information security.


Device Allocation

  • New device allocation
  • Device activation
  • Asset registration

Network Connectivity

  • SIM allocation & registration
  • Endpoint carrier activation
  • Network access and connectivity support


  • End user profile creation
  • Device enrolment & policy deployment
  • Device configuration, imaging, application & content deployment

Nationwide Distribution

  • Next day delivery
  • Marine transit insurance
  • Track & trace with POD
LM_Client Success
LM_Client Success

Client Success

  • Onshore Customer Services with +80 NPS
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Administrator, End-User and VIP Support


  • Warranty and non-warranty repairs
  • Loan device service
  • Hot-swap device service
LM_Security & Compliance
LM_Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

  • Corporate access management – MDM/EMM
  • Device compliance management
  • Manage and execute agreed threat response actions

Decommissioning & Disposal

  • Carrier Service cancellation
  • Asset records updated
  • Secure and green disposal or buy-back

End-User Services

  • Welcome kits
  • Onsite services
  • Training
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Service Offering

mobile managed service tiers

Add On Modules

Customise your mobile device management plans to suit your business requirements.

mm_end user support
End-User Support

Decentralise the direct support of imei from your dedicated admin for all staff to gain access to imei support services directly.

Mobile Device Management

End-to-end management of the MDM platforms.

Mobile Threat Management 

Security and information policy compliance, remediation and support of devices against cyberattacks.

mm_priority service
Priority Service

Premium servicing of calls and cases and 24x7 Lost & Stolen support.

Extended Hours Support (24*7)

imei can be available for your support requests 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Telecoms Expense Manager

Insights, management and control over communications to drive productivity and reduce costs.

Service Delivery Manager

Dedicated resource to proactively manage all aspects of service delivery.

mm_hot swap
Hot Swap

Reduce downtime for your staff with a new device provided when theirs is in for repair.

mm_buffer stock
Buffer Stock

Reduce waiting time by having spare devices held by imei so they are ready to ship on request.


Support of your own supplied Telstra devices.


mobile managed service benefits


How does imei Mobile Management help your business?

  • Simplified, modular service offering provides flexible options
  • Support for a wide range of mobile devices
  • Cost savings and transparency
  • Pro-active service reporting and optimisation recommendations
  • Secure anytime, anywhere access to corporate data
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Best practice lifecycle management of device fleet
  • Helps you manage and optimise costs associated with enterprise mobility
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How making managed mobility a part of your business continuity plan greatly reduces the risk of downtime or disruption to your services.
imei can help you plan and execute a UEM implementation to optimise managing hundreds of smartphones, computers, and laptops.
Trust device lifecycle management services to ease the complexity of managing devices in your network and make your mobile environment more secure.

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