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There's a better way to manage your mobile communications

imei is a managed services provider that secures thousands of mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - as well as making sure they’re up-to-date and working efficiently.

imei can save your organisation time, money and improve productivity.

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Managed and Professional Services

As businesses become increasingly reliant on digital technology and communications in all aspects of their operations, it’s become essential to adopt the latest increasingly complex applications and mobile technologies to stay ahead.

What are Managed Services?

"Managed Services" is a collective term for technical, support and helpdesk services that imei can provide to keep your communications up and running and allow your organisation to stay focused on its business.

Many companies lack the resources to manage the growth of their in-house communications and IT requirements, and struggle to keep pace with changes in technology and a dynamic, demanding mobile workforce.

A Managed Services Provider helps reduce complexity and for a fixed monthly fee imei can provide mobile device Lifecycle Management which keeps your people connected,  managed MDM service to keep your information secure, Expense Management to keep costs under control and managed network to optimise data networks. 




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Keep your people productive and secure wherever they are

If your organisation has hundreds of mobile devices in the hands of employees– how are you managing those?  Do you know what they’re costing your company? Do you know where they all are?

In these times of cybersecurity threats and data breaches, securing mobile devices is more important than ever.  Company confidential info can be compromised because a phone is lost or stolen or through unauthorised devices connecting to company servers.

imei has the experience, resources and tools to manage and secure fleets of mobile devices – managing mobile threats, securing data on devices and managing user permissions.


Key Features of Managed Services

As a Managed Services provider we enable the enterprise workforce to perform tasks anywhere, anytime. Businesses can run 24/7, and teams have the tools needed to operate at home, in the office, and everywhere in-between. Managed Services improve collaboration within the workplace, creating more dynamic environments to increase productivity and efficiency. 

  • Site relocation
  • Moves, adds and changes (MACS)
  • Configuration
  • Bandwidth changes
  • Site disconnections
  • Fault management
  • Admin or end-user support desk


What it means to enable a Managed Services provider in your organisation?




Managing Mobile Fleets

With hundreds of mobile devices in your company, it means greater productivity on one hand… but greater complexity on the other.

Do you know where all your devices are? Who is using them? What are they costing your company? Are they all working and connected?

imei has the experience, resources based here in Australia and tools to manage fleets of mobile devices, from connecting to the network, to registration and delivery to the end-user as well as through to helpdesk, troubleshooting and repairs if necessary. We also help secure mobile data from cybersecurity threats, data breaches and protection of confidential information.

imei can save your company time, money, improve productivity and reduce risk.

We have developed an 8-point mobile management checklist to help you get started.



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Securing Mobile Info

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we communicate and work. It’s easier for your employees to be on the road or work remotely.

This freedom also means big challenges for your company, especially IT departments. You can’t afford cybersecurity threats, data breaches or loss of confidential information.

Managing and securing thousands of devices as well as making sure they’re up-to-date and working efficiently is where imei comes in.

imei has the experience, resources based here in Australia and tools to secure fleets of mobile devices – managing threats like viruses and attacks, securing company and user data, and help manage user permissions, apps and authorised access.

imei has developed a Mobile Risk calculator to help identify potential information loss risks in your organisation.


Problems we solve

Today’s business operating environment relies heavily on fast, reliable communications to keep people connected and productive.

These are some of the direct quotes we hear from our enterprise customers. These are the problems imei solutions tackle to help our customers with their digital transformation strategies and to reach their business goals:


“Our communications are not efficient or capable of growing to meet our needs”


“Our infrastructure, comms systems and people are not flexible enough to accommodate our business requirements, growth goals or digital strategy”


“Employee productivity, security and scalability needs to match those of larger enterprises”



“We struggle to keep people connected and supported to access the info they need to do their job”


“Systems and devices are not secure, and we don’t know if we are compliant with data protection regulations”


“We don’t have the variety of skills in-house to support our complex ecosystem”

What are the benefits of having your mobile fleet managed?

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Increase productivity

by reducing wasted work time; improve business by making information available where and when needed to speed up decision making; and improve customer response times and customer satisfaction.
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Reduce costs

by reducing wasted time, unused plans and connections, inappropriate telco carriage plans and unnecessary duplication.
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Reduce risks

by securing networks, devices and user data; by automating policy compliance and enforcement; and by increasing visibility across devices, networks and users.
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Managed and Professional Services

As businesses become increasingly reliant on digital technology and communications in all aspects of their operations, it’s become essential to adopt the latest increasingly complex applications and mobile technologies to stay ahead.

imei Mobility Risk Profile Calculator

It can be difficult to get a handle on the type of information security risks that can affect your organisation’s mobile fleet. 

imei has developed a simplified questionnaire-based calculator that can provide a high-level overview of potential security risks and threats you may be facing.

The imei calculator asks for your assessment and perceptions of mobile security using 17 questions focused on technologies, systems and policies. 

Through our experience of managing over 80,000 mobile devices across diverse organisations, we have determined these questions to be accurate indicators of mobile information risk.

The resulting overview can be a valuable starting point to increase mobile information security.

Use the calculator
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