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Reliable Communications, Lower Costs and Better Care for Residents

Twilight Aged Care needed to improve the reliability and speed of the network between their five residences and provide better Wi-Fi coverage for their carers and residents while reducing operating costs.

imei UCaaS and Network solutions delivered this.

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Twilight was looking to modernise their communications and provide reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout their five resident homes to enable residents and carers to access internet services and information.

Issues to be resolved included reducing the cost of internal phone calls, reducing the maintenance costs of their communications servers, poor Wi-Fi coverage in certain buildings and the inability to easily control access to the network. Being a not-for-profit organisation, deployment cost and operating costs were also key considerations.


imei deployed a solution of MPLS enabled Private WAN and comprehensive LAN networking infrastructure to connect all their various locations with a virtual private network which made internal calls free of charge and improved their network performance for accessing the internet and using their information systems.

imei also created a customised site design with adequate site survey for the Wi-Fi deployment to solve the poor Wi-Fi coverage issues.

Lastly by centralising the PABX system imei enabled to migration towards VoIP/SIP features, further reducing both maintenance and call costs.


As a result of the imei design and deployment Twilight now have:

  • Improved Connectivity: Seamless internet connectivity with better network bandwidth
  • Enhanced Security and Agility: Isolated services on their network routers allowing better control over access to the network and preventing unauthorised or malicious access
  • Reliable Wi-Fi Network: Resolved Wi-Fi coverage issue and no blackspots inside their buildings
  • Evolved Voice Communications: All internal voice calls now are handled inside the Twilight network infrastructure, which reduces costs, operational difficulty and increases the agility of deployment with VoIP capability

About Twilight

Twilight Aged Care provides high quality residential aged care for more than 160 men and women in our homes in northern Sydney communities, employing over 160 dedicated members of staff.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Twilight is driven by a philosophy and mission to provide the highest quality integrated care and accommodation to those in our communities.

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