imei Intelligence

Mobile device intelligence reveals the current effectiveness of your mobile device fleet and network infrastructure for voice and data to help you control costs and reduce security risks.


Clear Visibility Over Your Communications Environment

imei tackles user identity, cost, security and management concerns head on and optimises the seven major components of a healthy communications ecosystem to realise the productivity and financial goals attached to your digital strategy.

The first step is getting a detailed overview of how everything is set up and working.

From there cost savings, performance improvements and risk management become clear and achievable.

Intelligenc_Risk Assessment
Intelligenc_Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

User access control and authentication. Capacity summary of voice and data infrastructure, services, and end-user services for better planning and risk management.

Intelligence_Headroom for Growth
Intelligence_Headroom for Growth

Headroom for Growth

Informed insight into expanding network capacity and usage, with a focus on any high priority areas of performance impact or risk.

Intelligence_Network Performance Insight
Intelligence_Network Performance Insight

Network Performance Insight

WAN, LAN, core servers, and application network performance analysis, along with a WAN topology diagram and capacity overview.

Intelligence_Commercial Efficiency
Intelligence_Commercial Efficiency

Commercial Efficiency

Analysis of billed telecommunications and carrier services, as well as recommendations for cost savings.

Intellgence_Optimise for the future
Intellgence_Optimise for the future

Optimise for the future

Use insights into the current environment to better architect technology for growing business needs and future capacity.

Intelligence_Find quick wins
Intelligence_Find quick wins

Find quick wins

Uncover “quick wins”, or short-term, easy to implement improvements, which will save costs and increase commercial efficiencies.

Intelligence_Supplement internal information
Intelligence_Supplement internal information

Supplement internal information

Build business cases for new or added technology investment based on empirical evidence.

Intelligence_Business planning input
Intelligence_Business planning input

Business planning input

Gain valuable network metrics and input for planning capacity for new offices and/or geographic expansion.

illustration mobile world_intelligence_square

imei Mobile Device Intelligence service identifies risk within your mobile device fleet

This detailed report highlights:

  • who is connecting to your information
  • what permissions users have
  • which devices are authorised to access sensitive information
  • Information loss and data risk assessment
  • Security findings from your MTM, and more.

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