Monthly Analytics

Visualised data-driven insights for policies, profiles, and reconciliaton
Beyond-mobile reporting includes mobile, fixed and WAN
Multiple analysis types, including call type analysis, data usage analysis, intra-fleet and filter-based analysis
Controlled access defined by the organisation


Monthly managed mobility reporting

Usage and spend reports by organisation, business unit or end-user
Interactive monthly summary usage reports with click-through
Audience- specific reporting by business unit, project, budget or cost centre, and individual
Drill-down functionality from high level thorugh to end-user detail


Managed organisation structure

Initial configuration based on your organisation structure
Mobile service allocation, defined by your company's organisation structure

Service portal allowing self-service changes
Automated allocation of new services through imei's procurement portal


Professional services to support your expense management implementation

Mobility policy consulting

Carrier plan optimisation report
Carrier audit report
Carrier benchmark report
Subsequent major organisation structure changes / data cleansing