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Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra

For a powerful digital workspace, incorporate Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra into your business to share files, chat, host meetings, communicate and strategise.
Use Microsoft Operator Connect as your organisation's primary phone system to make voice calls to landlines and mobile phones within Microsoft Teams, as well as voice and video calls internally and to other Operator Connect users outside your organisation.




Empower your teams to work more effectively when and where they need.

Create the ultimate workforce for your team

Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra allows your employees to be able to communicate and collaborate at work in a way that is simple, flexible and effective. It provides your team with the right tools to collaborate extensively from remote locations, from multiple devices, and without the risk of information silos or missed communications.

Successfully implementing Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra in these times of hybrid-working, provides your employees with the right device for their specific role and location. Also supports optimisation for device provisioning and monitors quality of experience to prevent problems before they occur. 

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Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra

With Microsoft Operator Connect, Telstra’s leading voice capability is combined with the best of Microsoft’s collaboration and productivity tools.

  • Flexible calling plans
  • Native fixed line calling in the Office 365 cloud
  • Familiar Microsoft tools
  • A unified workspace for desktop and mobile
  • Design and deployment
  • Delivered as a service

Make landline or mobile calls seamlessly from Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra, with each user being allocated a fixed line natively in Office 365. You can port or migrate your existing phone number range, or allocate new numbers via the online portal.

By enabling Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra, alleviates the need for separate collaboration systems, and meets security and compliance demands.

Streamline your communications

by unifying calling with chat and meetings in Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra.

Empower your users

to call from anywhere, on any device.

Remove ‘technology clutter’

and let your IT team focus on other business priorities.

Deploy, manage and scale

with ease.

The power of one unified workspace



  • Work from anywhere flexibility
  • Same user experience across familiar tools
  • Centralised cloud-based storage with better control and visibility
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Easy online meetings
  • Built-in audio/video conferencing
  • End-to-end security and control capabilities
  • High user adoption and support
  • Well documented product information and self-service portals
  • As well as true cloud telephony with TCO365 to complete the solution stack

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imei Managed Services

imei's managed services offering ensures you realise the most out of your Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra investment and that your users are maximising the opportunities available.

Why Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra

Microsoft Operator Connect with Telstra is a chat-based workspace that combines instant messaging, voice, video, calling, and file-sharing. Enabling users to be more productive by using Office apps they are familiar with – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, etc., right within the platform.

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Boost Employee Engagement

reduce costs@112px

Reduce Costs

improve productivity@112px

Improve Productivity

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Empower employees with flexible working


  • Communicate - Through chat, meetings & calls.
  • Collaborate - With deeply integrated Office 365 apps.
  • Unify your Phone System - With Calling Plans.
  • Enhance your Meeting Rooms - With Native endpoints.
  • Live Events - Video and content to large online audiences with Live Events.
  • Incorporate Teams Devices - To simplify calling, meeting, and sharing.
  • Customise & Extend - With 3rd party apps, processes, and devices.
  • Work with Confidence - With enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability.

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