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Harding Miller

Managing 360 endpoints across Australia from a single platform

imei leveraged the Telstra Mobile Workspace platform for the Harding Miller Education Foundation (HMEF) to manage an environment of 360 endpoints, securing Windows 10 laptops for disadvantaged high school students nationwide.

Endpoints: 360


Supporting girls right across Australia, the students sponsored by the Foundation attend many different schools, in many different locations, some of which are remote. Many of the schools struggle to keep up with growing ICT demands and there’s often ageing ICT equipment and inadequate wireless networks.

Likewise, the students have variable needs from a device support perspective and require device support outside of school hours. Yet, some live in remote locations with patchy internet access, while others lack connectivity at home altogether.

Given the girls’ ages and the rigours of school life, the devices are vulnerable to the risk of damage and are prone to requiring a high number of repairs. There’s also a high risk of loss.



Wanting to ensure scholarship recipients gain every opportunity to succeed, the Foundation sought to provide quality and durable hardware operating Windows 10, managed on a secure platform, with an adequate data allowance to support students in shared data pool.

The fully customised and staged devices needed to be shipped and delivered to each scholarship student. To help ensure all students realise the benefits of the scholarship and their devices, the Foundation needed to be able to monitor device usage and gain full visibility of student access to the devices with comprehensive reporting.


Requiring a mobile device management system to secure the devices and provide program supervisors with the visibility they need to track the program’s success, imei configured the Telstra Mobile Workspace platform to manage the Windows 10 devices. Supporting students with everything they need to communicate, create and collaborate wherever they are, the platform enables secure connectivity and unified endpoint management. All devices were staged on the platform and shipped to students with a customised support process modelled around school hours and holidays.


Using the Telstra Mobile Workspace platform, program administrators can now help students make full use of their scholarships, tracking how students are using their devices. For the first students enrolled on the platform, the Foundation is seeing a heightened level of engagement, with increased device usage, and reduced requirements for repairs. The number of students taking advantage of the support model provided by imei has also lifted significantly.



About HMEF

On a mission to help lift the educational outcomes of high potential girls who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage, the Harding Miller Education Foundation is an Australian charity and recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution. The organisation raises funds to provide scholarships that offer technology, tools, and assistance to these girls to support their educational achievements and career aspirations.

Video Case Study

A great story in which imei is proud to support the HMEF scholarship receipients in their education.

Tim Fussell "As imei has worked with HMEF for years this story is a great representation of the positive impact our support has on the end user - taking away stress and making their technology reliable and easy to use"

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