Enabling managed budgetary control of telecom expenses

Ericsson Australia took advantage of  Telecom Expense Management from imei to gain strong control over its telecom spending.

Endpoints: 850+


Managing around 850 endpoints, Ericsson Australia’s overall telecommunications spend was growing fast. Supporting an increasingly mobile workforce that was using more devices and services, keeping track of billing and invoices for its telecoms expenses was becoming time consuming. Often, costs would break into hundreds of line items. With concerns over reporting, data quality, and transparency in carrier charging, Ericsson Australia required world-class expertise to review billing charges and maximise efficiencies.


With Telecom assets and related management expenses becoming increasingly challenging, Ericsson Australia needed to find a way to better control telecom costs, while spending less time and effort managing mobile endpoints and enhancing fleet support.


To consolidate, manage, and optimise its mobile fleet to reduce costs and minimise risk, the team at Ericsson took advantage of Telecom Expense Management expertise from imei.

Enabling managed budget control and driving responsible end user behaviour, the service provides comprehensive information on mobile data usage and the types of calls being made. The service allowed Ericsson Australia track device usage and spend, and use the data to identify opportunities for optimisation and savings.


With the  Telecom Expense Management solution in place, the team at Ericsson Australia now has greater visibility into its telecom expenses, gaining comprehensive reporting on mobile, fixed, and WAN usage.

The team receives a monthly spend report broken down by end user, business unit, and whole-of-business with multiple analyses, including call type analysis, data usage analysis, intra-fleet and filter-based analysis.

With detailed breakdowns on its telecom expenses and visualised data-driven insights for policies, profiles, and reconciliation, Ericsson has gained stronger control over its telecom spending.

About Ericsson

Serving as a regional base for the Asia Pacific area, Ericsson Australia provides data and telecommunications services for private and public enterprises and consumers. The organisation is a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology – providing hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity.

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