Taking ownership of the mobile device fleet

Needing to simplify the management, provisioning, and support of its large fleet of mobile devices, Metcash joined forces with imei and leveraged imei Lifecycle for complete end-to-end management of its mobile devices.

Endpoints: 3,500+


With existing contracts in place with a number of service providers to manage its mobile fleet, Metcash wasn’t able to take full advantage of its scale to optimise mobile fleet management. Using multiple service providers was also leading to sub-optimal user experiences for Metcash’s mobile workforce. At the same time, this set up placed a heavy internal burden on Metcash’s IT team to troubleshoot issues that could not be resolved by its multiple service providers.


Needing to simplify these complex arrangements, Metcash sought a new partner to resolve its mobile device management issues and keep its people connected. Metcash found this partner in imei.

In one move, imei took complete ownership of Metcash’s mobile fleet. This involved meeting the organisation’s mobile procurement requirements, streamlining mobile device management and taking care of provisioning, staging, and decommissioning requirements. As part of the solution imei also offered quality helpdesk service and support to Metcash’s people.


Metcash has transformed the management of its mobile fleet.

With imei simplifying Metcash’s complex mobile device fleet management environment, and providing exceptional customer service, Metcash now delivers an optimal user experience for its mobile workforce. This includes faster turnaround times for issue resolution and more efficient use of internal IT resources at Metcash.

About Metcash

As Australia’s leading wholesaler and distributor, Metcash supplies more than 100,000 independent retailers across the food and grocery, liquor, and hardware sectors. With more than 6,000 employees, the company manages some of Australia’s most recognised independent brands including supermarkets IGA and Foodland, liquor marketeers Cellarbrations, and hardware companies Mitre 10 and Home Timber and Hardware.

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