Adopting Telecom Expense Management for Major Operational Benefits

Accenture leverages Telecom Expense Management from imei to send customised invoices to individual end users and costs centres, saving time and freeing resources from administering, managing, and allocating telecom expenses manually.


In any organisation, telecommunications costs are highly complex. For Accenture, managing the expenses of supporting its people with 2,000 mobile devices took a huge amount of time. Invoices often detailed thousands of line items combining equipment costs with service costs per location meaning the firm lacked visibility into individual spend.


Accenture wanted to enable mobile spend accountability to their mobile device users to ensure they paid for exactly what they used and there were no errors in the invoices. The company also wanted to avoid having to assign resources each month to manually verify each line item matched the specific contractual terms.


To automate this time-consuming recurring task, Accenture adopted Telecom Expense Management from imei. This tool allows Accenture to send customised invoices to 2,000 individual end users, detailing their calls, data, and hardware spend. The solution eliminates inaccurate billing and helps ensure bills are accurate and paid on time, avoiding late fees, interest, and service interruptions.


Leveraging Telecom Expense Management from imei, Accenture’s people now receive individualised bills detailing all call charges inclusive of roaming and IDD, data, and hardware costs, which they can they claim through their internal expenses system.

This frees Accenture resources from managing this task internally and eliminates the administration time and effort involved in allocating the mobility spend to the end user and cost centres.

About Accenture

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