Leveraging whole-of-business telecommunication support and expertise

Mondelēz joined forces with the team from imei to orchestrate its whole-of-business telecommunications transformation and ongoing management.


Undergoing a complex transformation, Mondelēz needed expert help across its telecommunications infrastructure to guide everything from managing its mobile devices and providing oversight of its telecommunications spend regionally and at country level.


With a small internal IT team, Mondelēz initially joined forces with imei to manage its mobile landscape which supports hundreds of mobile devices. The scope of this work involved monitoring devices proactively and troubleshooting any potential issues before they happen.


With this sizable mobile fleet, there were also highly complex Telstra billing arrangements covering telecommunications expenses across multiple countries. Mondelēz needed to gain more transparency across these expenses and ensure its spend was optimised commercially. Without dedicated internal resources to manage this task, the company needed to work with an expert partner.



Mondelēz joined forces with imei’s professional and managed services for optimal visibility across its communications landscape, providing services to centrally monitor, manage, and support its fleet regardless of location.

To provide oversight on all expenditure and gain a transparent view of its spend regionally and at country level, Mondelēz leverages Telecom Expense Management services from imei. This service includes consolidating billing and full reporting transparency, providing a view of its entire spend via intuitive dashboards, providing visibility to breakdown and compare data across all regions instead of looking at three different reports.


Having initially supported Mondelēz in enterprise mobility management, imei’s services were extended to telecom expense management and to manage the SD-WAN carrier services rollout through Telstra Internet. This included order placement, tracking and installation coordination.

With imei as its single whole-of-business communications provider, Mondelēz has trimmed its telecom expenses, achieving significant cost savings. With a dedicated account management team providing deep knowledge across the entire telecommunications landscape at Mondelēz, imei ensures all the company’s telecom services are fully compatible and optimised. Providing visibility of spend across its entire telecoms landscape, Mondelēz saves time, is able to analyse and compare usage to make more informed decisions.

Another important benefit of having imei provide whole-of-business telephony services means Mondelēz always knows exactly whom to contact for anything related to their communications infrastructure.

About Mondelēz

Mondelēz Pty Ltd is the Australian arm of one of the world’s largest snack companies. The company produces biscuits, crackers and salted snacks, chocolate, gum, and candy, as well as various cheese and powdered beverage products. Its portfolio of famous snack brands includes Cadbury, Milka, and Toblerone chocolate and Oreo, belVita and LU biscuits.

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