Adopting a 5G Mobile Data Network in Just Three Days

imei rolled out and now provides ongoing management of 5G internet access devices to overcome slow speeds and intermittent connectivity at Downer’s construction sites across the country.


Managing a number of construction sites, the company was struggling with network issues and slow speeds in certain locations where fast wired internet access was not available, and the roll-out cost of a fibre connection was either expensive or took too long to provision (or both). This impacted business productivity as its network connection was plagued by high latency which resulted in many employees experiencing frustrating lags in their work applications. When the company introduced new cloud services and applications to its network, it further increased the demand on its network resources, adding to the strain on bandwidth.



To support business productivity across its work sites, Downer requires a reliable business network providing both high bandwidth and low latency.


imei recommended replacing broadband internet with a Telstra 5G mobile data network, using Cradlepoint 5G Adapters delivered as an imei managed service. As imei’s team is trained and certified in the latest 5G technologies, imei was able to configure and deploy an agile mobile network for Downer using Cradlepoint solutions in just three days while maximising the efficacy of the implementation and providing ongoing management. As a mobile solution, imei’s 20-year-history in enterprise mobility provides a proven enterprise-grade framework to support success, management, and reporting.


Thanks to the new agile network running on Cradlepoint 5G adaptors, the team at Downer has experienced a significant increase in download speed along with reduced latency.

Cradlepoint 5G Adapters have an embedded LTE/Gigabit-Class LTE fallback, which means that even in the event of a 5G signal outage, Downer’s team does not lose its internet connectivity and throughput.

As the solution uses an existing network, there were no new-build costs, and Downer’s network was deployed in just three days which is significantly more efficient compared to the time required to configure a traditional network. Furthermore, in the planning phase of a traditional network, components are typically ordered six months to eight months ahead of implementation. Downer’s 5G Telstra network running on Cradlepoint 5G adaptors was ordered just three weeks in advance.

About Downer

Downer designs, builds, and maintains assets, infrastructure, and facilities and is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand. The company supports its customers through the full asset life cycle, starting with initial feasibility and design through to production and operations and eventual decommissioning. Downer employs more than 53,000 people across more than 300 sites primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

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