imei Connect

Connectivity and carrier management services for WAN / Private WAN / VPN and mobile services to keep your communications pipelines fast, reliable and cost-effective.

Make secure, high speed network and Internet the centre of workplace productivity

Your connection to the outside of your organisation is only as fast and reliable as your data connection. 

imei Connect is a combination of connectivity and carrier management services that help optimise the speed, capacity and cost of your organisation’s data connectivity between your offices, facilities, data centres, cloud providers; mobile devices, the internet and to your partners and customers.


Mobile Connections and Plans

Keep your mobile workforce productive using optimised mobile plans that are appropriate for each user based on profiles and usage.

Connect_Carrier Relationship Management (1)
Connect_Carrier Relationship Management (1)

Connectivity Management

Centralised management of mobile plans, data lines and voice services making contract management and carrier relationships easier.
Connect_Robust Wide Area Network (WAN) (2)
Connect_Robust Wide Area Network (WAN) (2)

Robust Wide Area Network (WAN)

Connect numerous worksites and offices with a secure WAN running on top of a fast fibre backbone, ensuring your employees can easily collaborate and share resources between locations.

Fast and Unlimited Internet
Connect_Fast and Unlimited Internet

Fast and Unlimited Internet

High-speed enterprise-grade Internet designed for organisations that rely on high-volume, high throughput business critical services, including connecting data centres and to remote and mobile users.

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How imei Connect Empowers Your Business

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