Service Desk

Our industry leading onshore call centre has highly trained specialists providing full support covering mobile carrier, device, infrastructure and applications.

All our services are underpinned by imei's Service Desk, built on a 15 year heritage in the mobile sector. Highly trained and skilled specialists provide full support that covers the mobile carrier, device, infrastructure and applications. By supporting all components of the mobility ecosystem, imei ensures that an organisation and its end users have their support cases resolved in the most efficient timeframe possible. This model results in maximised productivity and a better end-user support experience, proven by imei's NPS score of +80.



Challenge: Troubleshooting is driven by scripts instead of expert and professional analysis, leaving end user problems unsolved.


imei: Our customer-facing technicians are certified and trained to solve complex technical problems directly with your end users or administrator


Challenge:  Our users and administrators are frustrated with off shore call centres representatives.


imei: Our Sydney-based service desk is staffed by telecommunications experts who are trained to communicate effectively in resolving your mobility enquiries.

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Challenge: Support services are confined to business hours, hidden behind layers of complex menus and departments.


imei: Our service desk has a single menu layer and includes the option of 24/7 customer support, entirely based on-shore.

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Challenge: Your administrator or end users are referred to a different support number before their problem is even heard or understood.


imei: Our end-to end capability, along with established vendor and carrier relationships ensure we take ownership of a problem and communicate the resolution to your end users or administrator directly.


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