Device procurement no longer needs to be confusing and time consuming for your end users. imei's  Device Lifecycle Management reduces downtime and lost productivity



Your devices can be redistributed or decommissioned, with a watertight process for ensuring your sensitive data is protected



imei manages the setup of new devices for individual users, teams or entire departments, so your staff or managers don't have to navigate blindly.



imei ensures your device catalogue is consistent, so you don't end up with a fragmented fleet of devices running multiple platforms



imei's fleet rollout service ensures the distribution of new smartphones, tablets and SIM cards is not handed to internal staff to manage in an ad-hoc way. 

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

imei's Device Lifecycle Management ensures asset types and user names are managed by a central source, preventing billing and reporting fragmentation

End-to-End Lifecycle Management

End-to-End Lifecycle Management

imei’s Device Lifecycle Management frees up your internal resources from mobile device governance, administration, operation and handling, whilst increasing the uptime of devices and users.
imei has identified eight unique stages of managing the lifecycle of a device, through experience gained managing mobility for Australia’s largest organisations.
imei provides best practice services to address each of these stages, which form the basis of imei’s Device Lifecycle Management service.

Device allocation includes

Device allocation includes:

Allocation of devices
Activation (iOS) of smartphones and tablets
Asset registration of smartphones and tablets.

Carrier provisioning includes

Carrier provisioning includes:

SIM allocation and registration
New connections, port-ins, and secondary plans
Provisioning of carrier services
Recontracts and upgrades
Transfer of ownership requests

Staging includes

Staging includes:

Device configuration
Device enrollment
Application and content deployment

Nationwide distribution includes

Nationwide distribution includes:

Next day national delivery
Regional and remote delivery
Transit insurance

End user services include

End user services include:

Welcome kits
Device configuration and OS support
Peripheral connectivity support
Training and onsite services

Repairs include

Repairs include:

Faulty device troubleshooting and support
imei repair portal access
Repair notifications
Loan device service

Secure wipe and redeployment includes

Secure wipe and redeployment includes:

Devices securely wiped of corporate data
Service level contracts

Decommissioning and disposal includes

Decommissioning and disposal includes:

Green disposal of end-of-life devices