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Cost Management

How can cost management keep your end users accountable and costs low?

Monthly Analytics

  • Visualised data-driven insights for policies, profiles, and reconciliaton
  • Beyond mobile reporting includes mobile, fixed and WAN
  • Multiple analysis types, including call type analysis, data usage analysis, intra-fleet and filter-based analysis
  • Controlled access defined by the organisation

Monthly managed mobility reporting

  • Usage and spend reports by organisation, business unit or end-user
  • Interactive monthly summary usage reports with click-through
  • Audience- specific reporting by business unit, project, budget or cost centre, and individual
  • Drill-down functionality from high level thorugh to end-user detail

Managed organisation structure

  • Initial configuration based on your organisation structure
  • Mobile service allocation, defined by your company's organisation structure
  • Service portal allowing self-service changes
  • Automated allocation of new services through imei's procurement portal

Professional services to support your cost management implementation

  • Mobility policy consulting
  • Carrier plan optimisation report
  • Carrier audit report
  • Carrier benchmark report
  • Subsequent major organisation structure changes / data cleansing

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