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Telstra Vantage 2022 Offer

Get started with a FREE imei Intelligence Insights Report

Identify cost savings and potential information security risks.

On average we find 15% cost savings.

Report on the current state of your organisations mobile device fleet usage.

imei Intelligence Insights provides an actionable, summarised overview of a mobile device fleet, as well as insights and recommendations that find cost savings and identify potential information loss risks.

On average, we find 15% immediate annual cost reductions through our audit.

It is run in conjunction with Telstra and takes almost no time from your side. You authorise the process with Telstra (we handle this!) and 5 days later we send you the report highlighting potential security issues and annual cost reductions.

The report includes:

  • Account level summary (amount of services on each plan, data inclusions, average usage)
  • Service level summary
  • Shared data usage vs allowance
  • Service status within the fleet
  • Number of devices
  • Top 10 users (average bill and average data usage)
  • International roaming breakdown
  • IDD breakdown (or IR/IDD report)


If you’d like an Intelligence Insights report - fill in this form and imei will do the rest. 


Example output:

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