ISDN switch off has begun

Avoid disruptions to your business.


Keep your vital communications lines open as Telstra has commenced the switch off the copper ISDN network from September 2019.

There are several options open to you for business continuity, as well as the opportunity to improve your overall communications and imei is here to help.

The first step is our ISDN migration Planning Tool – a FREE downloadable checklist that will highlight 7 areas to plan to avoid disruption such as:

  • Areas in your business susceptible to communications blackout
  • Insights into where you need to invest your time and plan ahead.
  • Which replacement technology (SIP?) is right for your business
  • Identify areas for improvement that will enable growth for the future


If your business still has ISDN lines, talk to us today. We can tell you when they are scheduled to be switched off.
imei Copper Switchoff Planning Tool_visual